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Since 1902, Tejas Logistics System has been a leader in commercial and agricultural warehousing in Central Texas. Originally known as Exporters & Traders Compress & Warehouse Co., Tejas has evolved into a full-service third-party logistics provider. The company headquarters is in Waco and the 4 facilities in Texas have a total capacity of close to 1 million square feet.


Simply put, Tejas was in need of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to keep up with the demands of their top customer. The company was running on an antiquated system that was limited in capabilities and challenging from an inventory control perspective. Tejas had a negative experience purchasing a solution from a previous vendor and recognized they needed support in selecting and implementing a new system.


They were referred to ATS by a trusted leader in the warehouse industry. Tejas appreciated the background, experience and success that had been achieved with other 3rd party logistics providers and ATS was hired to help Tejas select a WMS with the core functionality described below:

  • Receiving, Put-away and Picking – all via RF Barcode scanning.
  • Re-warehousing (Location moves) and Inventory (Full, as well as cycle counts)
  • Customized End User Reporting
  • Integration with their current accounting system
  • Secure Portal for customers and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


ATS worked closely with the Tejas CFO every step of the way, beginning with documenting the company’s functional requirements. The next step was to identify a number of vendors who could meet those requirements and to set up calls and web meetings to learn more about their solutions. Not only was it necessary to compare vendors on their features, functionality and service, but solutions and pricing are more complex than ever today with “on premise”, hosted and cloud based solutions.


ATS assisted Tejas in developing a fast path selection process without compromising the company’s due diligence. This included scheduling a number of vendor calls and separately with “their customers” for candid insights as to their experience. ATS visited the finalist’s facility to ensure that a proposal was developed that would meet Tejas requirements. Once the final decision was agreed to, ATS assisted the Tejas CFO in managing the project:

  • Server hardware/software installation; RF backbone and handhelds
  • Network cabling and equipment (RF access points, switches, etc.)
  • WMS software installation
  • Tejas management and user training
  • WMS design and customization (to meet Tejas requirements)
  • Module by module implementation and hands-on training
  • All RF processes utilizing handheld scanners to capture and exchange info


The project was a resounding success, resulting in:

  • Successful implementation in the Waco and Hillsboro facilities
  • Greatly improved inventory management and control
  • Dramatically increased quality and customer satisfaction
  • Significant improvements in warehouse administration, operations and billing

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