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CHALLENGE: Select, integrate and configure the best WMS, TMS & ERP applications into a single, end-to-end supply chain management solution.


RESULTS: Successful selection, integration and deployment of all systems driving cost savings and achieving ROI in 18 months.

Tom Griep, CEO of Murphy Warehouse in Minneapolis

CHALLENGE: Implementation of WiFi Scanning. 

RESULTS: Improved inventory accuracy to 100%

CHALLENGE: ERP Cloud Migration for Modernization, Cyber Protection/Threat Mitigation.

RESULTS: Hardened Systems and Produced Significant Cost Savings and Loss Avoidance

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“He’s a spot-on kind of professional in the supply chain industry because he knows both the hard and the soft aspects of the industry.”

“He’ll analyze the type of system you want to use; he’ll help you implement it and he’ll see you through to a completion you’re satisfied with.”

Case Studies

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Murphy Warehouse Company is a top Minnesota Warehousing and Logistics provider, offering warehousing, transportation, fulfillment, international services, rigging and customized business logistics. When the company needed to replace an antiquated warehouse management system, they called ATS. The results?

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Florida-based Global Response Fulfillment, a family-owned 3PL, had been using the same warehouse management system since 1990. Faced with a need to better serve e-Commerce customers, Global Response turned to ATS for help finding a new WMS solution.

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For years, The Stech Group had been managing the Standard Warehouse and MidAtlantic Distribution warehouse business on the Accuplus Warehouse Management System (WMS), a legacy solution that management knew would ultimately need to be replaced.

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Tejas, a leading 3PL, was in need of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to keep up with the demands of their top customer. ATS helped them find the right solution, then deploy it efficiently and cost-effectively.

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MISSION’s primary challenge was the systems it was using to support the business were predominantly manual, cumbersome and unable to keep up with internal and customer demands. To support the company’s current business and aggressive growth plan, the executive team realized they needed to transition to an Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP).

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