ATS Values


At ATS, Customer Service is core to our DNA. Our primary focus is to exceed our clients and partners’ expectations. We look at success through their perspective; therefore we listen to, understand, care and deliver the value and quality that our clients and partners expect.


ATS believes that our people represent one of our most valuable resources. We select, train, empower and reward those who exhibit our passion for service, are aligned with our vision and committed to our values.


ATS believes that integrity is our primary value and serves as the cornerstone of our business and all of our relationships. We treat our clients, partners, staff, and vendors with dignity, honesty, and respect.


To consistently turn our clients and partners into “raving fans” means more than just providing them services. It means delivering more than what’s expected on time, on budget and on target with quantifiable business benefits.

Commitment to Excellence

ATS believes that commitment to excellence is going the extra mile while striving for continuous improvement. We conduct ourselves with a “whatever it takes” attitude to meet and exceed our clients and partners’ expectations.