Omnichannel Service Center

People are not merely just increasing their use of mobile telephones they are doing so via smarter devices such as smart phones, tablets and/or hybrid devices.

Today’s client experience can start in any one channel and proceed through many others, like social media, email, and/or the phone. In today’s business world, quality and timely responses cannot be taken for granted. The ATS Service Center ensures a high quality and consistent experience in any channel or device.

When an agent has a 360-degree view of a customer – including their historical data – they are in a better position to delight him or her. For instance, with Omni-Channel Service Center, the agent can see exactly what a customer has been viewing on your website before they are even engaged, putting them in a much better position to help solve a specific problem or provide quality options. It’s about adding value – and increasing revenue.

Automating routine and common client/ patient requests allows your company to be more efficient.  Your skilled representatives will be able to spend more time with patients when they are needed most, improving the “engagement experience”. The same holds true for your prospects where ATS offers highly innovative marketing solutions which enable our clients to reach more of their prospects and win new business.

What Problems Can ATS Solve?

  • Many companies are not equipped to handle increasing customer expectations. (We call that the “Amazon Effect.”) In addition, demands for better customer service are increasing; that’s attributed to the proliferation of  smart phones, tablets and other mobile technologies. We can help.
  • Gaining customer loyalty is increasingly difficult. Our engagement methodologies give you a significant head start on the market – and can significantly increase revenue.
  • Administrative costs are rising. We can help you increase efficiency, and improve ROI on marketing and sales efforts.

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