There are currently over 1 billion smart phone users on the planet and they are changing the shopping experience in powerful ways.

Omnichannel refers to a consistent consumer shopping experience, regardless of where one chooses to buy, in the store, via the web or more and more, in combination. Whether it’s a PC, tablet, smart phone or a wearable device, consumers increasingly conduct research online before purchasing.

At the recent SPS Commerce In:fluence15 conference, Rob Davis, Director of Product Management shared the following statistics about consumer behavior:

  • 48% research on the web before coming to the store
  • 41% buy elsewhere
  • 71% expect to be able to view the product online
  • 75% expect free shipping
  • 56% expect to buy online and pick it up in the store
  • 49% buy in the store and want it shipped to their home

With Amazon Prime now offering same day shipping, Omnichannel is not going to go away. The impact to the entire supply chain industry has been overwhelming, yet many companies have not yet addressed it. While retail sales were $3T in 2014 with $300B (10%) purchased online research suggests that close to 50% of purchases, $1.4T were influenced by creating digital experiences to bring consumers into the store and that a consumer spends 75% more when combining their retail and mobile experience.

Sound interesting? Then please join us at noon Eastern on Wednesday, May 27, for the first installment of the HiveMind Network’s new webinar series, “Omnichannel: The Age of the Customer.” We will present alongside Nikki Baird, managing partner of Retail Systems Research, and Bill Mirabito, CEO of B2C Partners. 

We’ll help answer some of the biggest questions in the retail space today, including:

  • How should physical stores change?
  • What e-commerce solutions are being made obsolete?
  • How do retailing ecosystem partners best collaborate?
  • Who manages the data, and how do partners get value from it?
  • How will retailers engage and retain a customer—today & tomorrow?

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