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Are you implementing or utilizing an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and feel like you’re not gaining the benefits you expected?

ATS specializes in helping executives at health care companies achieve key business objectives with a huge ROI, significantly improving profitability and operational efficiency while dramatically reducing risk.

Business across all sectors must adhere to increasingly stronger compliance standards regarding information security and privacy of their paper-based and electronic data. The healthcare industry has been held to new HIPAA standards as per the HITECH Act of 2009, creating unprecedented demand for HER and EMR systems. Managing change of this magnitude can become a nightmare if you’re not prepared.

Despite living in the “digital age” and the increased focus of corporations on sustainability initiatives, the volume of paper being created and stored by businesses continues to grow. According to a recent survey conducted by AIIM and published research, “Information Governance – records, risks and retention in the litigation age”, for 42% of organizations, the volume of paper records is still increasing.

The majority of EMR systems have been implemented as a “go forward” strategy for entering new patient information. Many still have rooms full of patient files and numerous assistants to manage them. The results can be very significant costs that fall under the radar of many physician practices.  Even greater is the financial risk associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, or a terrorist event, any of which could have catastrophic results for businesses that do not have a backup of key documents. ATS provides companies with the highest quality and most competitive document conversion services in the industry.

Getting you where you need to go

Our proven, collaborative methodology and rich experience serving the needs of leading financial clients nationwide allows us to quickly get “up to speed” with your unique needs and challenges. From there, we outline a clear project plan with quantifiable, measurable goals, identify and vet technology solutions, ensure smooth deployments and coordinate post-installation service.

The result? You get a solution configured to meet your exact business need, the confidence that the job is done right and the bandwidth to focus on your core competencies – all at an affordable price.

ATS has helped numerous executives at financial companies improve the efficiency of their people, processes and use of technologies. We specialize in document conversion solutions, including the coordination of large-scale backfile scanning projects. This includes:

  • Secure Shipping & Delivery
  • Efficient Processing of the Files (Categorize, Prep, Clean, Image, and Index)
  • Delivery of the data using the customer’s preferred mechanism (CD, DVD, or Secure FTP)
  • Certified Document Destruction
  • Ongoing file conversion services

We also integrate technologies with EMR/EHR systems, and deploy enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

Why is ATS the health care technology consultant for me?

Simply put, our difference is our approach. We constantly strive for “win-win” relationships; at the end of the day, ATS only succeeds if our clients succeed. That’s why we collaborate closely with both clients and vendors, accounting for issues before they become costly headaches, and ensuring that the solutions deployed are an exact match for the business challenges they are meant to resolve.

And because we believe that true success must be measurable, we always offer clients real-world metrics on which to evaluate our performance. This enhances accountability, improves project “buy-in” (and ultimate user adoption) and allows us to consistently deliver on our promises, on time and on budget!

Whatever your health care firm’s business challenge, we can help. Contact ATS today!