Both paper and unstructured digital information continues to grow exponentially. Even the best electronic record solution is only as good as the data it contains. ATS’ turnkey imaging and ECM solutions make it simple and risk-free for business leaders to digitize all of their critical business information – and get the most out of their electronic record solution investment.

Better yet, our proprietary financial analysis enables most companies to increase their bottom line!

Powered by IDI, a world leader in document imaging and document management, our end-to-end solution includes secure document transportation, preparation, scanning and final upload into a fully secure and compliant cloud-based content repository. We capture high-quality images from almost any source: documents, newspapers, maps, books, bound materials, microfilm, microfiche, even X-rays – at a fraction of the ongoing cost of continuing with paper records.

Why Work With ATS?

  • Significantly reduced costs related to the storage and administration of physical records
  • Dramatic increases in back-office efficiency
  • Immediate, secure access to pertinent records
  • The ability to use wasted space for revenue-generating applications
  • Improved internal and external, satisfaction and efficiency
  • Mitigated regulatory and disaster risk
  • Guaranteed HIPAA and other industry standards

What Problems Does ATS Solve?

  • Executive concerns about compliance, risk and security. With ATS, you’ll never worry about information governance, lost documents or paper.
  • Expensive paper storage and administration. Are you wasting time and money storing and looking for information? We can help.
  • Delays in getting to critical information. With ATS, authorized users will be able to access important data anywhere, anytime – and make better decisions.

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