Deploying Efficient Solutions

“The biggest thing about the solution deployed by ATS is efficiency. Employees can literally get info in a few clicks as opposed to 1-3 days. This transformed our operation, such that we could get files out to our clients in hours versus days.”

Measurable Time Savings

“Time savings turned out to be the huge factor in our success with ATS. We saved an entire full time employee headcount ($14-15 per hour, or about $30,000 per year plus benefits). We refocused this person to a revenue supporting role as an escrow processor – resulting in a positive revenue impact.”

Immediate Benefits to the Customer

“We couldn’t afford to make another mistake and we knew we could trust ATS. They led us every step of the way in the Warehouse Management System (WMS) selection process, from documenting our requirements, vendor selection, contract negotiations and the ongoing project implementation. Our customers have seen the immediate benefits and I’m confident we made the right decision for our business, now and for years to come.”

William Stech, The Stech Group

Extraordinary Value

“The value received for dollars spent with ATS has been extraordinarily beneficial. Their innate ability to simplify the processes utilizing common sense, step-by-step instructions, an unsurpassed knowledge of the WMS/RF System and ability to communicate with any given employee at any level has proven itself to be invaluable to our company.

“We have a diverse range of employees; ATS’ ability to effectively “reach” each and every one of them and make them understand via effective teaching skills is exemplary. I would highly recommend the services that ATS provides to anyone incorporating WMS/RF in their warehouse management system applications.”

Steve Mallory, President, Millennium Group of Indiana

“Real-World Solutions”

“By providing real-world solutions to the industry’s technology challenges and helping customers design internal procedures to better serve their customers, you have added great value to the overall Cadre Technologies offering. I look forward to continuing and even expanding our relationship as I believe strongly that ATS can play a role in the success of Cadre Technologies.”

Mike Markham, Vice President, Cadre Technologies, Inc.

“Changing the Way We Do Business Forever”

“I knew the outcome would have been like many other projects that our company has implemented in the past – a stressful, error-ridden, high risk roll out. ATS helped to turn that tide and change the way we do business forever.”

Mark Wojciechowiez, Project Manager, Applegate Farms 

“Instrumental in Improving Our Service”

“ATS understands how to select and implement technology which will achieve the greatest bottom-line business benefits. Their significant knowledge and experience in mobile technologies has been instrumental in improving the service Lansdale Warehouse provides to customers and helping us win new business “

W. Paul Delp, President, Lansdale Warehouse

“Greater Operational Efficiency”

“From the very beginning ATS served as a partner and trusted advisor, collaborating in the sales process and helping to ensure our costumer that their objectives could be met. The project has been a huge success. The support ATS has provided Hermann’s has resulted in greater operational efficiency in warehouse operations.”

Rich Gregor, Warehouse Manager, Hermann’s Warehouse Corp. 

“You Could Not Be In Better Hands”

“In the ten years I’ve known Sandy Vosk, he has always shown up as a collaborative partner with high standards for taking care of other people. He has been committed to learning how to be the best partner possible. As a business owner you could not be in better hands. You can trust Sandy to keep every promise he makes and then some!”

Stewart Levine, Founder,